VICE UK: Asos Urban Tour: SHIR KHAN

October 5, 2011

Not long ago VICE UK met me and did this little feature about Shir Khan in Berlin. This is what it says on the VICE UK Website. Here is the DIRECT LINK TO THE EPISODE.

‘VICE and ASOS went looking for the most interesting young people in London, New York, Berlin and Paris. Unsurprisingly, we found that they all spend little time worrying about what their contemporaries are doing, and instead focus on making their own way in the world with a zeal that would make an oil rig worker blush.

In our third film we meet born-and-bred Berliner Shir Khan; DJ, promoter and founder of the label Exploited. Since 2007 he has grown the label to play host to some of the most innovative, cutting-edge electronic talent, with a constant quest for high quality, diverse and forward-thinking releases. He explains the unique appeal of Berlin and his relationship with the city that inspires him.’