August 17, 2012

Nice review for Urulu’s current SINCERELY 91 EP on EXPLOITED in IBIZA VOICE. Read it here.

‘In case you didn’t know, the nineties have become very en vogue in recent times with a plethora of releases leaning heavily on the era of mustard coloured jeans and round-rimmed sunshades. Of course, some of the music has been abysmal while other homages have managed to combine the nineties with the 21st Century perfectly.

This new EP on one of the labels of the moment, Exploited, certainly comes under the latter description. Urulu hails from the USA, currently based in Los Angeles, and is a dab hand at deep house – just check out his previous releases on labels such as Petfood for evidence of this. On Sincerely 91 he jumps into a time machine and heads back twenty years or so to capture some of the sounds that made the nineties one of my favourite decades.

Kicking off in style with 1991, a nineteen nineties dreamscape underpinned by that ever-captivating organ bassline. Uplifting, yet nowhere near cheesy it bounces along with airy synths and a great vocal sample too.

Reason With Me samples an old house track and somehow manages to bring it up to date, while using the kind of sounds that made mid-nineties house so popular. The soulful vocal is the centrepiece of the track, while the chord stabs are perfectly placed to create that old school, US garage/house vibe. Wait for the drop, epic.

Another Time follows up with more of that old school flavour, this time a little more ravey with high-pitched chords and an infectious beat along with another perfectly curated vocal. It instantly conjures up images of a rave in a field somewhere deep in the Essex countryside, circa 1990.

As if those three weren’t enough, Urulu still has another fresh piece of nineties-influenced house to unleash on us. Sunday School samples some old rap, again moving forward in time slightly in comparison with the other tracks – it’s definitely inspired by the latter half of the nineties with no organ chords and more of a ‘deep house’ feel to it. Midway through it breaks out into a slowed down section, French Kiss-style, before continuing to bump at its regular BPM to the very end.

Absolutely spot-on EP, which could have easily been cliched but instead is an amazingly well-produced homage to a hugely influential and formative era of electronic music.’ (Marcus Barnes/Ibiza Voice)