September 27, 2012

Via XLR8R. Read HERE.
‘Today, we’re premiering Los Angeles-based producer Urulu’s video for “1991,” a dreamy and upbeat tune that recalls the diva-obsessed realm of early-’90s house music. Directed by Cru Joness and starring Stephanie Angulo and Taylor Freels, the beautifully shot piece tells the story of two friends who head off for a night on the town. As the two mingle in a club, it becomes apparent that one half of the pair is not feeling the scene that night. Taking the night into her own hands, she leaves the party to explore Los Angeles independently, dance through plazas, and skip among the lightposts of LACMA, all of which adds to the lighthearted nature of Joness’ imagery. “1991” is taken from Urulu’s recently released Sincerely 91 EP for German label Exploited.’ (XLR8R)