February 6, 2017



Premiered by Big Shot:

“It’s almost one year to the day since we premiered “Haus” from Italian producer Mennie’s 2016 Reels Rebel EP on Exploited Ghetto. After serving up dance floor scorchers for revered imprints including Desolat, Pokerflat and Housewax in 2016, Mennie is looking ahead to a big things this year. With his remix of Andre Diaz’s “Streets” out now on Inmotion Music, Mennie, who is now part of the Tenax crew, is about to unveil his first original production of 2017 by way of a triumphant return to Exploited Ghetto. We’re extremely pleased to world premiere his new cut “Get Some” where the Florence-based maestro lays down a fiery vocal-house cut. Have a listen below and check the release when it hits on February 6.”

Mennie is back on Exploited Ghetto.
The italian producer had a productive 2016 with releases on Desolat, Pokerflat, Housewax and our label.
His music has been widely supported by many top names in the house game. On ‘Get Some’ he lets his MPC do the magic with a killer vocal cut and a monster groove. On the flip ‘Back On My Mind’ is a hypnotic oldschool track. 2 essential tracks for the floor.

Early Feedback:
Richy Ahmed: Wkd.
Mark Farina: Dig it.
Huxley: Wicked stuff from Mennie as always!
ONNO: Back Of My Mind is tasty.
Kelpe: Nice.
Marco Resmann: Back Of My Mind sounds great. Thanks!
Bryan Kessler: Nice grooves.
Till Von Sein: Dope. Back Of My Mind is fire.
Bodhi: Get Some is cool.
Sante: Great EP.
Sydney Charles: Back Of My Mind is wicked.
Iron Curtis: Thanks.
Hideto Omara: Nice EP, thank you!