Shir Khan Presents Black Jukebox 28 (Vinyl)


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Shir Khan Presents Black Jukebox 28 featuring legendary producer Arthur Baker. Highly limited as usual. First come – first serve.
Arthur and Laz met at MURKs famed Monday residency at Coyo Tacos Wynnwood Miami where Casanova is a resident and Baker a guest resident. Baker was inspired by the music that Laz and the MURK boys played with collaborations with MURK on the tracks “MIAMI” and “COYO” following. Laz and ABs first joint collab is the eps opener “MAKOSSA”. It started off from a few 80s loops out of Bakers vast catalogue, with Casanova whipping them in shape. It’s been battle tested over the last few years and finely tuned to Bomb like results. “CALE!” features the vocal and production skills of MURKs legendary Oscar. He added the hook and a few nudges in a late night session at Casanova little Havana studio. There’s an original mix and the stripped down drum and vocal take.
“BTS HAPPINESS” started its life as a loop from a Baker cassette rough mix circa 78. It reminded him of an old Booker T and the MG groove, this the name. He brought his old friend (& ex wife) Tina b ( of Rockers Revenge, Tripping on Sunshine and Jazzy Sensation fame amongst others) to do some disco vocalizing. Casanova added the tight final mix.