::Zeynep Erbay – Secret Island::

Artist: Zeynep Erbay
Title: Secret Island
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Release date: 05.07.2024

Back on Exploited is an EP from the auspicious Zeynep Erbay. Based in Istanbul, her music has come via Soul Clap Records and NuNothern Soul, has been remixed by the diligent Barcelona based Baldo (Subwax) and has received support on BBC Radio 1 via Godmode affiliate Chloé Caillet.

‘Neon Palm’ kicks the record off with the drums doing the business; they’re concise, cleverly plotted and pack sufficient poke to sit the tracks comfortably alongside modern Indie Dance, Italo Disco and House alike. Organ blobs pulse through the heart of the track while a detailed, coherent tapestry is woven. Key-shifting melodies swirl over bumping drums that maintain a fizzy tension throughout.

The title track ‘Secret Island’ follows up with a powerful and memorable production. A thick, rasping low end provides an underbelly for tastefully treated vocals and lucent synth tones. The narrative is driven by clever sound design which has the track expanding and contracting as it develops.

A clipped radio version and an instrumental round off a pack of versatile, playable tunes that will no doubt find their way into a panoply of top selectors’ bags.

Zeynep about her EP:
‘I started “Secret Island” in London – a track born from thoughts of someone special and I wished to be closer to. I Imagined a secret island, where all barriers fade away, both in the mind and in reality. When I pictured us meeting there, these melodies just flowed. It’s a song with a bit melancholy, but without loosing the control.
Then comes “Neon Palm,” a track inspired by imagining palm trees on that imaginary island – a playful tease of my own emotions. In reality, it’s a bit of fun, poking at the feelings I was going through. This track took shape in Bodrum, the Tropic City, adding a touch of sunshine to the mix.’

Exploited · Zeynep Erbay – Secret Island (Exploited)