::Zeynep Erbay – Dream Of You::

Artist: Zeynep Erbay
Title: Dream Of You
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 19.05.2023

Istanbul-based and Soul Clap Records and Fools’ Gold artist Zeynep Erbay delivers two beautifully melodic tracks for Exploited which draw on her classical piano training and eclectic tastes.
‘Dream Of You’ begins with phasing chord pads swirling around a hypnotic spoken vocal, with twangy bass and driving Italo beats soon bursting into life. Stuttering synths build the melodic progression before a glassy lead line chimes in with a gorgeous, fluffy melody that forms the heart of this glorious track. Halfway through, old skool house style electric piano chords trade places with the lead to provide a soaring mood switch, with more fizzing melody and great use of delays and snare, tom and kick fills to keep things moving.
‘Disillusion’ is a touch deeper, with a pleasingly phasing bassline pulse underpinning melancholic chord changes played out by beautiful, crystalline arps and deft chords. Shades of classic progressive house creep in as acidic gurgles rub up against spacious delays and vividly morphing synth sequences. It’s a super-classy piece of work that brings with it a real sense of emotion and atmosphere.

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