::Yarni & Javi – A Little Piece::

Artist: Yarni & Javi
Title: A Little Piece
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 23.07.2018

Talented UK newcomer Yarni teams up with Javi for a second outing on Exploited following the lush ‘La Vida Es Bella’, exhibiting more class and grace with this delicate new track.

Enlisting the vocal talents of Dutch singer Mâhfoud for ‘A Little Piece’, they have crafted something rather special once again. Gentle piano chords play out beneath a filter as atmospheric FX and delayed chords build the vibe around them. Insistent yet restrained bass tones drop in to provide more backbone to the succinct percussion, the dizzying vocal FX continuing to swirl away in the background as plucked instrumentation sends your mind to distant lands.

When the soothing harmonies of the vocal glide into play, they cut through the track like a hot knife through butter, providing a real lift to the proceedings. The subtle melodics play out a question-and-answer style arrangement, deftly reacting to each other. Each is simple in its construction, but sequenced together they build a mood brilliantly. Mâhfoud’s delivery is highly accomplished, a moody indie-dance vibe paired with the shamanic vibe of the music.

Given how well they work together on this resplendent track, we’re convinced you’ll be hearing from this trio again.

‘Anxiety Over’ is a conceptual track which sees the duo exploring the idea of darkness turning into light. Over the course of the track they build tension with discordant chord stabs and techno drums before the track patiently evolves into melodic ecstasy with its beautiful vocal sample, Prophet chords and playful marimba melodies.