::Veljko Jovic – Paris::

Artist: Veljko Jovic
Title: Paris
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP131
Release date: 11.08.2023

Serbian talent Veljko Jovic has impressed with his releases on the likes of I AM DIFFERENT, Lowbit, Area Verde and Multi Notes, scoring a Top 10 on Beatport in the process with his brooding sounds. His latest effort ‘Paris’ blends elements of electro, Italo, techno and synth pop into one heady, slow-building mix.
A monotone bassline chug probes at huge snare hits and rigid woodblock hits as the track builds, with pulses of synth energy punctuating the groove. Snarling, dark textures rise slowly from the depths, building a foundation of moody energy. Atonal, filtered stabs bring the techno flavour, juxtaposing against a dainty synth line right out of the Yazoo / early ‘80s textbook. The intensity builds towards the dramatic breakdown, where suddenly a rousing riff is introduced playing pleasing fifths. A spoken French vocal delays around the stereo field dizzyingly, and a taut breakbeat rhythm satisfyingly cuts into the mix with no warning. The track continues to flex and shapeshift, providing a delightful interplay between its myriad elements to create a truly wondrous sound.

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