::Urulu – Across The Sky::

Artist: Urulu
Title: Across The Sky
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 12.03.2012

Liked by Deetron (Ongaku), DJ Hell (Gigolo), Joe Goddard (Hot Chip), Matthew Dear (Ghostly), DJ Feadz (Ed Banger), Alex Barck (Jazzanova), Noir (Noirmusic), Audiojack (2020 Vision), Seth Troxler (Visionquest), Jackson & His Computer Band (Warp), Jesse Rose (Made to Play), Claude von Stroke (Dirty Bird), M.A.N.D.Y. (Get Physical), Luciano (Cadenza), Round Table Knights (Made to Play), Laurent Garnier (F-Com), Sinden (The Count&Sinden) Till Von Sein (Suol), Okain (Tsuba), Ray Okpara (Cecille), Sasse (Moodmusic), Alex Jones (Hypercolour), Tomas Barfod (Mirau/WhoMadeWho), Homework (Exploited), Viadrina (Pets), Daniel Solar (Dsiko) and many more.

Los Angeles-based Urulu fuses inner-city influences with worldly sounds. His production is demonstrative of his light-hearted attitude and an admiration for cultural electronic music.
From his production to his DJ-sets, the West-Coast sultry vibe that Urulus music brings is infectious.
Urulu is a compulsive music collector/business scholar who likes romance novels, Anthony Bourdain, Korean tea and exceptional Mexican food. Guilty pleasures include C-list dating shows, free plugins, and ‘lo-fi’ R&B.
Growing up amongst a somewhat “unconventional” musical background in his parental influences than most uber-cool house producers these days would admit (Mom being a soft rock fan and Dad blaring out the WWE theme tunes), Urulu (the cloaked pseudonym for LA based Taylor Freels) somehow happened upon kindred spirits offering a sound alien to his own influences in the form of electronic music producers, an insatiable fascination from an early age which he confesses still holds the same childlike allure and intrigue now as it did back then. Utilizing a combination of cerebral, haunting vocal samples, which are the product of endless hours of late-night YouTube digging, and infusing luscious deep chords and low-slung basslines, Urulu strikes the balance between post-modern dancemusic and soulful 90s house.
With evocative and emotive productions showcasing a stripped back, classic feel, Urulu’s sounds are a throwback to the lost generation of smoother groove-makers.
Check out his hotly-anticipated debut EP on Exploited: “Across The Sky”.


Deetron (Ongaku): Don’t Dare is a killer!
Jackson & His Computer Band (Warp): Great release.
DJ Hell (Gigolo): Across The Sky is dope!
Joe Goddard (Hot Chip): Don’t Dare!
Laurent Garnier (F-Com): Another stunning release on the label – full support.
Alex Barck (Jazzanova): Beautiful music!
Round Table Knights (Made to Play): Exploited on fire!!! Great EP. Don’t Dare is my fav.
Sinden (The Count&Sinden): Absolutely oustanding.
Feadz (Ed Banger): Don’t Care is dope!
DJ One Man Party (Soulwax): All round deep and warm sounds. Nice!
Noir (Noir Music): Another great Exploited release. Will support.
Audiojack (2020 Vision): Will give it a spin.
Alex Jones (Hypercolour): Interesting UK influences here. Will try:)
Jaymo (BBC Radio1): Sounds cool. Gonna test it out!
Till Von Sein (Suol): Great EP!
Bubba (Hot Creations/Pets): ‘Don’t dare’ hits the spot for me!! Classy!
Tomas Barfod (Mirau/Whomadewho): Great EP.
Okain (Tsuba): Dont Dare is my pick from this nice release.
Ray Okpara (Cecille): We Belong Together…is the one for me:) Will def try that tune.
Dirt Crew (Dirty Crew): Another cool Exploited release.
Homework (Exploited): Absolutely stunning release! If we could give it six stars, we would have.
Joyce Muniz (Exploited): Nice vibes here! Dope stuff senor Urulu. Welcome to the fam.
Marco Ressmann (Watergate): We Belong Together and Don’t Dare are lovely!
Adriatique (Diynamic): Nice Chicago Moods there. ‘Don’t Care’ is for us.
Kasper Björke (Mirau): Smooth Productions ! We Belong Together is the one for me here!
Christian Prommer (Drumlesson): Great tracks. All good.
Michelle Owen (Moodmusic): Love the entire release! Well done!
Rainer Trüby (Compost): Warm Soulfull vibes plus harmonies…likey
Telonius (Gomma): Good one.
La Fleur (Power Plant): Great great EP! Dance floor fillers! Like all three tracks! Full support.
Sasse (Moodmusic): Nicely produced stuff. Like it.
Viadrina (Pets): We’ve been big fans of Exploited for a while now. We love all the recent releases! This one is also a damn good one. Full support from Viadrina!
Eli Escobar (Plant): Another great release.
Prince Language (DFA): Don’t Dare is lovely.
Drums of Death (Grecoroman): Yeah, ‘Don’t Care’ is my pick…it’s got that garage vibe.
Lazer Sword (Numbers): All three are great.
Daniel Solar (Disko): We Belong Together for me! Don’t Dare sounds interesting as well. Will support.
Ruede Hagelstein (Souvenir): And I like it too. Thx for constantly sending out great music!
Brothers Vibe (Off): SWEET!
Kalbata (Soul Jazz): Into Across the Sky. Nice oldschool vibe to it.