::T.U.R.F. – Whatcha Gonna Do::

Artist: T.U.R.F.
Title: Whatcha Gonna Do
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 19.03.2021

“In 2020 we had a lot of time on our hands, which we used to discover and explore the sounds that give us the most energy, resulting in these tunes that actually took us to our French house roots that ignited the fire for us back in the day. Seems like that fire is still burning! “Thats how T.U.R.F. describe the origin of their latest EP for Exploited, the funk-fuelled, finger-lickin Whatcha Gonna Do. And going back to the source for inspiration has proved a masterstroke, with the duo cooking up two super-groovy tracks that will be in heavy rotation for months to come.Whatcha Gonna Do works its way around an Afrobeat flavoured guitar and bass groove, with chattering tribal percussion tumbling over a classic house beat. Vocal chants add another layer of swing, with a filtered breakdown taking us right back to that French touch era and an irresistible Santana-esque, guitar solo weaving in and out of the foreground thereafter. The groove is thick and relentless and will keep you bopping throughout. Close your eyes and you could be on the dancefloor at Djoon in Paris in the early 2000s…The flip Real Heads Know The Deal is a more urgent, insistent affair. Drawing on the same DNA as the title track, the pace is upped and the swing pushed further into shoulder-wiggling slinkiness. At its core: another infectious guitar loop. Sprinkled on top: a funked-up vocal cut-up. The bass is warm and curvy, and blasts of feel-good horns are woven in at just the right moments. Hypnotic disco house at its very finest.

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