::T.U.R.F. – Reggie Fox::

Artist: T.U.R.F.
Title: Reggie Fox
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 17.09.2018

Early support by Bushwacka, Claptone, Tensnake, Todd Edwards, Tomas Barfod, Fabrice Lig, Tone Of Arc, Gab Rhome, James Curd…

Reviewed in DJ Mag Spain and XYST:

T.U.R.F. premiere ‘Reggie Fox’ from their forthcoming Exploited EP

Ever since newcomers T.U.R.F. from the Netherlands started making music, they were always heavily influenced by disco music. At first indirectly through the early French/Disco House scene, but soon they found themselves digging in the original disco crates too, with artists like MFSB, Chic, Shalamar, O’Jays and many more amazing artists that still sound fresh to this date. They both are still drawn to the incredible arrangements, groovy rhythms and most of all the positive vibe that is at the core of every disco record.

With their ‘Reggie Fox’ EP, T.U.R.F. tried to take out all of the elements they love most from disco and give their own touch. Both turned out to be two pumping bass driven adventures, that essentially carry out the same message as the disco music they love: “just dance and have a good time”.

T.U.R.F. is the musical project of Lorenzo and Tom.
They first met at a rave in 2003, where they found out they not only shared the same taste in music but that they were also actively producing music themselves. However, in the years to follow a potential collaboration didn’t even cross their minds. Tom began to focus more on playing live instruments, whereas Lorenzo dove into the depths of electronic music and released groovy techno tunes with his solo project Kurizu.

In 2017 they finally decided to join forces to start a new project: T.U.R.F. – a moniker under which they express their longtime love of house music. Their first studio sessions led to a jazzy and soulful debut record on Apparel Music. Soon after they signed a record contract at the Berlin-based Exploited Records, where they gained heavy support on their sophomore EP Black Jukebox 22 and their latest solo outing ‘Bring Me Down’.

As DJs, the pair throws down a wide variety of dance music from the archive they built digging for more than fifteen years, with soulful, swinging grooves as the main thread that glues their dynamic sets together.

Keep an ear out for these two!

Early Feedback:
Tensnake: Lovely.
Bushwacka: Will check.
Tomas Barfod/Whomadewho: Will test it.
Todd Edwards: Feeling this!
Fabrice Lig: A nice deep house project!
Tone Of Arc: Great as always.
Gab Rhome: Can’t say no to some sunny disco vibes.
James Curd: Dope.