::T.U.R.F. – Bring Me Down::

Artist: T.U.R.F.
Title: Bring Me Down
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 30.07.2018

Musical trends come and go but dancing is here to stay. T.U.R.F are two Dutch friends who’ve previously released on Apparel and lately on the infamous Black Jukebox series. Now the boys make their first proper solo release on Exploited.

The guys about their 3 Track EP:
“‘Bring Me Down’ sounds like it’s based on a sweet 70’s Italian sample. We think this is somewhere in between a love ballad and a deep house track – a contrasting element which we are really excited about.

‘Walking Tall’ continues the love affair with a loop that sounds to be coming straight out of a 70’s Italian movie score embedded into a club track.

‘Cribute’ is inspired by the late 90’s/early 00’s French House scene. We decided to make a tribute to the former record label Crydamoure. A lot of the tracks that were released on this label were basically evolving around basic disco loops, but somehow they never get bored. At least we never get bored of them.”

Early Feedback:
Dave Aju: Dig the dreamy vibes and arrangement of Walking Tall.
Tensnake: Cribute is cool.
Demuja: Nice release.
Alex Dallas: I like that.
Stereo MCs: Lovely music.
Arthur Baker: Love Walking Tall, but Cribute wins out, cove the vocal loop.
Gab Rhome: Funky jams.
Titeknots: Great work all round.
Karotte: Bring Me Down is great. Love It. And Cribute is definitly a Tribute to Crydamore. Love it too.
James Curd: Dope!