::Shir Khan Presents Secret Gold 8::

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Shir Khan Presents Secret Gold 8
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 11.07.2016

Video Premiere by Wonderland Mag.
Watch the video by CLAAP! & Santana for JACQUES here:

“In a sea of identikit imprints, Berlin born label Exploited continues to surprise and impress us with their unique and varied output. Case in point, this new video release from Paris DJ duo CLAAP! and DJ-cum-vocalist Santana – no, not the Spanish guitar legend, but someone altogether more modern. Part of a “mini compilation” edition (and an ongoing series) that also includes cuts from Until The Ribbon Breaks, Sirens Of Lesbos and K.E.E.N.E., “Jacques” has finally got
the video treatment, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Oozing holiday vibes, the sunwashed visuals come courtesy of Polina Rabtseva, a fine art videographer whose output has included both work for big brands like Mercedes and Bacardi, as well as more esoteric explorations of erotica – from, importantly, Rabtesva’s female perspective. Filmed in Dune du Pilat (close to Bordeaux in France), and one of CLAAP!’s favorite places on earth, the video follows a bunch of real-life friends having an enviably good time; it’s the perfect accompaniment to the track’s ludicrously buoyant beat and unashamedly good vibes. Plug in and lay back…” (http://www.wonderlandmagazine.com/2016/07/video-premiere-jacques-claap-feat-santana/)
“CLAAP! dévoile un clip très summer vibes pour “Jacques”. Un titre en featuring avec son acolyte de toujours : Santana (http://www.villaschweppes.com/article/claap-nous-embarque-chez-jacques_a24480/1)
Appreciated by Secousse,Joakim,Tiga,Marcus Marr,Moonlight Matters,Boilerroom,Atjazz,dOP,Acid Pauli,Tsugi Mag, I-Robots,Super Flu,Peter Kruder,Atish,Qzen,Agoria,Severino/Horse Meat Disco,Zombie Nation,Kito Jempere,Jacques Renault,Private Agenda,Satin Jackets…

About UTRB:
Having wrapped up three sell out North American tours, the three piece band fronted by Cardiff native, Pete Lawrie Winfield recall how as youngsters you would give a “girl or a friend a mixtape to let them know what music you loved. It didn’t matter if one song was De La Soul and the next was R.E.M. It was about the feeling the entire collection conveyed.” Drawing both their approach and name from their art form, Until The Ribbon Breaks are a uniquely skilled, singing, songwriting, producing collective. Decidedly honest, their music embraces an old-school passion for intricate, clever writing and the slicing together of sounds, samples and lyrics; a skill demonstrated in debut track ‘Pressure’ and the accompanied self-made video which they released on YouTube two years ago. Mesmeric, dark apocalyptic pop, meets infectious “Avant RnB” in a way that is both haunting and beautiful in its raw confrontation of human emotion. We had the honour to have ’Pressure’ remixed by Sirens Of Lesbos with commission from the band.

SOL is an anonymous six piece collective claiming to have its creative Kibbutz somewhere in the Aegean Sea off Greece. The group made it’s mark with its debut single «Long Days, Hot Nights». Lately, they have been hosting their Essays Series – various EPs tailored exclusively for the dancefloor – a musical kaleidoscope which reaches from afro-house to balearic disco.

About K.E.E.N.E. :
K.E.E.N.E. is the duo formed by the brothers Lloyd and Kevin Keene, who since 2010 have become a referent for house and techno music in Panama.
The duo has created four important spaces for the promotion as well as enjoyment of electronic music in Panama: Flashmob Music Movement and Boat Affairs, a series of shows with international Dj’s like: tINI, Radio Slave, Till Von Sein, Benoit & Sergio, Anja Schneider, Rodriguez Jr. Dj Tennis, Henrik Schwarz, Soul Clap, Adam Port, &ME and Hot Since 82 to mention few. Also Late Night Music and We Connect, where new local artists show their stuff every week.
In the last two years they have been able to bring to Panama Seth Troxler, Dixon and Nicolas Jaar. Their commitment to develop local talent has also enticed them to create their own label, Late Night Music, which main goal is to promote local producers in an international market.
As partners/ founders of Teatro Amador in 2013, a former movie theater that first opened in 1912, electronic music in Panama has a temple for its thousands of followers. Besides managing Late Night Music’s roaster of shows, K.E.E.N.E. have moved to Berlin to focus on their new music.

Their collaborations emphasize their unique chemistry and their productions are featured on Tim Sweeney Beats in Space famous show, Louis Vuitton’s homepage for 2015 summer collection, at the edgy parisian Chez Colette
digital store, on quality french radios such as Radio Nova and on many compilations such as famous magazine Technikart’s first compilation. Recently they are collaborating with many different artists such as Mike Simonetti (Italians Do It Better) ect. Their music has been supported by Todd Edwards, Jennifer Cardini, Erol Alkan, Alien Alien and many more.
First Feedback:
Secousse: I like Jacques! Nice Summer Vibes. Will playlist in Secousse Radio. Nice selection in general. Respect! 🙂
Marcus Marr: Sounds real nice. And so great to hear something that isn’t house!
Moonlight Matters: Loving this! Love the 808 and space echo, love the Grace Jones vibe! Good direction for you guys!
Joakim: Post Soviet Funk is coolio.
Atjazz: Very very very tasty!
Boilerroom: !
Atish: Pressure and Post-Soviet Funk have some nice funkiness within reason.
Munk: Sounds cool. Reggae is a good thing.
I-Robots: I-Robots approved.
Peter Kruder: Nice selection!
Severino/Horse Meat Disco: Yes. Lovely vibe.
Jacques Renault: I like Jacques track. Hehe:)
Acid Pauli: 🙂
Aarop Roy: Nice eclectic collection.
Satin Jackets: Cool!
Zombie Nation: Yes!
Private Agenda/International Feel: Love Post-Soviet Funk – super slow-burner with great percussive elements. Will play that one out for sure!