::Shir Khan Presents – Black Jukebox 35::

Artist: Ralph Session, Shir Khan
Title: Black Jukebox 35
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Cat: BJ35
Release date: 21.04.2023

4 big ol’ chunks of heavy house music are the order of the day from New York producer Ralph Session’s hot new EP for Black Jukebox. Combining his skills as a musician and seasoned DJ along with the technical know-how from his work as an audio engineer, the result is a collection of beautifully crafted, hard-hitting house cutz.
‘That Raw’ features a breathy spoken-word vocal from DJ Amir—one half of the legendary duo Kon & Amir—that laces the soulful, deep production with a hypnotic atmosphere. Thick bass bubbles beneath soaring strings and meandering synth arpeggios to give the track a set-building, big-room feel. ‘Do It’ rocks jaunty snatches of piano and sax over its peppy, skippy beat, with a little New Jersey feel in its incessant, phat-bottomed grove. ‘If You Want’ takes us into a deeper direction with its hazy pad work and dubby touches, with a slinky, rubbery bass groove that throbs hard beneath it all. Turn it up loud and feel it envelop you with its wide-open atmospherics. ‘Raw Sax’ rounds off with a dusty, skipping drum track shuffling around dreamy filtering synths, dubbed-out stab patterns and of course a sultry sax line.

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