::Shir Khan Presents Black Jukebox 12::

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Shir Khan Presents Black Jukebox 12
Format: Digital / Vinyl
LC: 15799
Cat: BJ12
Release date: 22.06.2015

Early support by Tiga, Optimo, Lee Foss, Maxxi Soundsystem, Freeform Five, Mixmag, DMC World, Waifs&Strays, Pete Herbert, Death On The Balcony, ZDS, Kiki, Moodymanc, Jacques Renault, PDM…

Quickly following up the last, instant sell-out smash, Shir Khan’s infamous “Black Jukebox” series hit us with the 12th edition. Introducing anonymous project Aussteiger who gets things bouncing with the Summer house monster, “Bangbao”. Lush filter sweeps, twinkling keys and powerful bass are order of the day here as the producer works his magic on one of the sunniest grooves we’ve heard this year. “Return” keeps that outdoor terrace flavour but plunges us deep into the twilight, tribal drums and deep electronics locking us into its hypnotic recess. Martin Lewis contributes a seriously fun and summery version of “Now That We Found Love”, utilizing glorious xylophones and horns throughout the melody and letting it roll out with aplomb. Finally, we get the cheeky “Do It” edit which combines hypnotic congas with funky guitar licks and a sun-burnt, Latin energy to create a sizzling brew of hot dancefloor energy. Great stuff! Limited Vinyl. Move quick!

First feedback:

DMC World Mag: Such a glorious release. All tell a story and bring magic.
Mixmag: Liking the halfway house of Do It and the cool version of Now We. Plus tow cuts for through the night from Aussteiger.
Tiga: Nice tracks.
Optimo: Now That We Found Love.
Maxxi Soundsystem: Bangbao is lovely.
Freeform Five: Great Groove on Do It.
ZDS: I have been thinking of doing a bootleg of Now That We Found Love for ages. I won’t now cos this one is pretty good:)
Moodymanc: Nice taken on Now That We Found Love from Martin. Digging the dirt of Do It too.
PMD: Good as always
Chasing Kurt: Bangbao is dope. Summer house thing.
Jonny Cruz: Bangbao. Whoa! Will be playing this tune for sure!
Eli Escobar: Do It is dope.
Jacques Renault: Do It for me. Nice one.
Alex Barck: $
Lee Foss: Downloaded.
Waifs & Strays: Always a big fan of the Black Jukebox series! This is great!
Death On The Balcony: Solid as alwas! Bombs!
Doctor Dru: Now that…is a sure shot sun cream hit.
Stee Downes: Great release!
Kiki: Bangbao updates one of my favorite Dance Mania tracks with that sample.
Pete Herbert: Spot once again. Love this series.