::Sejva – Enough Of You::

Artist: Sejva
Title: Enough Of You
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP107
Release date: 22.10.2021

Atlanta producer Sejva is a one-man electro powerhouse, lacing his tracks with bold analog synths, punchy drum machines and his own tripped-out vocals. His debut EP was released on Toro Y Moi main man Chaz Bear’s Company Records in 2016, and he recently released on acclaimed VOD label. He presents his sonic ID in bold fashion on this 2-track release for Exploited.

‘Enough Of You’ channels high-camp/drama ‘80s electro pop from the likes of Visage and Yazoo, with a jagged-edge, buzzing synth arpeggio at the core of the track. The distinctive, sultry male vocal provides the perfect foil for this aggressive bottom end, and a high-pitched synth line with just the right whiff of cheese tops the package off. Soaring strings lift the track further as the mechanical beats slam away and another cute synth arp bubbles away in the higher registers. And is that a sidechained motorbike engine we can hear towards the end? Why not….

‘By Your Side’ gets to work in no time with its guttural, droning bass pulses and unfurling synth blasts decking out a spartan, authentically electro drum pattern. The vocals are more heavily effected and contorted here, giving a more trippy feel as the brooding track slowly rises. A sprightly, shiny synth arpeggio ascends through the octaves while a nagging, vaguely Arabic sounding pulse adds a hazy, psyched-out element. A hugely dramatic, prolonged breakdown creates an epic, haunting mood, which is briskly segmented by the drop — where the bassline morphs and wiggles fantastically into a squealing, acidic direction.

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