::Sandhog – Endless Dimension::

Artist: Sandhog
Title: Endless Dimension
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP84
Release date: 14.08.2020

Sandhog (with an upcoming release on Blue Shadow Rec) lands on Exploited Ghetto with an excellent EP that truly stands out from the crowd and which was already supported by Chaim heavily.

‘Endless Dimension’ is a quirky, mystical track driven by a rubbery, bouncing bassline, springy hi-hats and a plump kick. The rest is left to a heady mixture of squelchy synths, Eastern flute sounds, the resonant twangs of a mouth harp and peaceful birdsong. Rolling bongo rhythms and gentle snare rolls add flavour at the right moments, while the synth modulation adds to the track’s living, breathing feel.

AIKON provides a deeper, chunkier remix, taking an almost early 1990s progressive house feel. The atmospheric feels are dialled up, and a hypnotic drive is created. Filtered electric guitar chords add another psychedelic touch, and the mouth harp is looped to brilliant effect to create an evolving pulse that undulates through the track. The reverb on the flutes also adds a lot to their mysterious feel, putting you in the mind of a wild jungle trek.

‘Penang’, named after the Malaysian state, shows Sandhog in a more dancefloor-focused stride. A snappy rhythm and monotone bass pulses underpin fizzing synth blasts. Bluesy guitar licks interplay with proto-trance synth sweeps to make for an unusual melange. Electric guitar plucks add to the swinging groove, trippy vocals add another layer of energy and the whole affair is a refreshingly different and colourful experience. It’s a unique sound indeed.

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