::Sandhog – Cabassa::

Artist: Sandhog
Title: Cabassa
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP94
Release date: 30.04.2021

Sandhog returns for its second bite of the cherry with Exploited, following the well-received ‘Endless Dimension’ EP. Fresh with another two hot tracks that are full of ideas and colour, it’s another impressive outing.
Combining skanking reggae rhythm, electric guitars solos and a pulsating house groove might sound wrong on paper, but it works a treat on ‘Cabassa’. The off-beat skank creates a vibrant push-pull against the thick synth bassline as ticking percussion provides further energy. Filtered synth trumpets and disco guitar licks add colour, along with percussive fills and the occasional screech of the guitar. It’s house. It’s tropical. But no, it’s not tropical house . It’s something much more mystical and sophisticated than that. A real odyssey of a track, it’s filled with thoughtful little touches right to the end that ensure an constantly interesting listen.
‘Night Flight’ continues the tropical feel in a more stripped-back fashion. A nagging bass hook burrows its way through sparse beats, a groove slowly building through light synthetic textures and carefully placed percussive hits and fills. Sounds are buried deep in the mix: a violinist here, an accordion there. A hypnotic breakdown sets your head spinning as a bitcrushed synth zig-zags its way into your mind and the track ebbs and flows magically, constantly shape-shifting.

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