::Sandhog – Bonifacio::

Artist: Sandhog
Title: Bonifacio
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP109
Release date: 18.03.2022

Making waves previously on Exploited as well as on Blue Shadow and Monaberry (alongside AIKON), dentist-cum-producer Sandhog is back with another hot EP.

Oriental vibes abound on the beguiling ‘Bonifacio’, where a punchy kick underpins on-beat electric bass in driving fashion, and a beautiful plucked Eastern instrument laces the track with metallic, pitch-bending mysticism. Somewhere in the distance a Thai-funk-esque electric guitar solo noodles away as hypnotic Thai vocal wails draw us in further.

‘Oishii’ snaps along with an electro-tinged swagger, with old skool funked-up bass giving the track a real wiggle amidst tight percussion. Subtle chord sequences and sassy male vocals colour in the gaps, with rasping synths heightening the breakdown tension. A sweet double-time synth hook pushes the track along with renewed vigour after the drop, and acidic squelches add a thicc layer to the bass.

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