::Sandhog – Accent (Remixes)::

Artist: Sandhog
Title: Accent (Remixes)
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP125
Release date: 12.05.2023

A tough job to remix Sandhog’s latest weapons, but Exploited Club have picked two consummate producers to do an excellent job.
Brazil’s Renato Cohen is a perfect match for ‘Accent’, bringing his new school electro/Italo touch to the proceedings. With a knowing nod to New Order’s monumental classic ‘Blue Monday’ in its snare fills and chord progression, his remix gets to work immediately with a snaking arpeggiated bassline weaving its way through and snappy drums, eventually unfolding into that familiar melody as bright pads glisten and live handclaps add an organic touch. Almost psychedelic touches of twanging FX deck out the outer edges of the track, and a manic siren-like synth blast ups the energy further. Funky percussion is drafted in with a touch of acid later on to keep things fresh, making this a hugely engaging remix throughout.
Fabrizio Mammarella does the damage on his version of ‘Nechama’. Teasing us slowly with ticking techno percussion that ebbs and flows, he gradually reveals the synth chords amidst giant snare hits and pulsing cymbal rides. A huge melodic acid line juts into view, taking us deeper into Mamarella’s futuristic groove, before the full fanfare of the colourful lead riff is unveiled in the breakdown—making for a truly explosive climax.

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