::O.N.O – The American feat. Jabberwocky::

Artist: O.N.O
Title: The American feat. Jabberwocky
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 23.10.2020

Beguiling Parisian fashionistas O.N.O. return to Exploited following their splendid debut ‘Modern Dance’ with more surefire party-starters with a retro lean.
‘The American’ is an out-and-out Italo disco romp featuring French synth wizards Jabberwocky. A twanging sequence motion bubbles away in the intro over rolling conga rhythms and flashes of the shuddering lead riff. Super ‘80s electro-bass pumps into life as the kicks hit and the wild lead starts hammering out its rapid-fire pattern. An infectious counter-melody plays out in call-and-answer fashion as chattering claps punctuate. Finally the full melody plays out as the bassline and synths unite in fist-pumping, feel-good fashion. A simple, cutesy riff is added into the mix, and made heady through building delays as we push towards the breakdown. Isolating the lead riff, they then build the tension before slamming us back into the meat of the track. It’s an absolutely huge track which overflows with sweet euphoria.

Panthera Krause strips things back on his tense remix, opting for thick rolling bass and a more succinct percussive section. With the descending bass groove combined with gently snarling synths and moments of subtle wonkiness, it makes for a somewhat darker yet no less irresistible version.

‘Dabajo’ sees them drop tempo to a chuggy roll, with more mesmerising hooks and dazzling synths. Swooping strings cut against rippling 8-bit arpeggios and chugging bass melodies. Snappy beats underpin the colourful affair perfectly, the myriad synth melodies and motifs synergising in powerful, spine-tingling fashion. The dramatic mid section and its chromatic melodies recall some of Daft Punk’s most cinematic moments.

Exploited · O.N.O feat. Jabberwocky – The American I Exploited Ghetto