::O.N.O – Modern Dance::

Artist: O.N.O
Title: Modern Dance
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 26.06.2020

Early feedback in by Chloe, Dr. Lektroluv, Claptone, Purple Disco Machine, Auntie Flo, Mark Moore (S’Express), Philippi (Deewee), Art Bleek, Superlover and many more.

Premiered by Delicieuse Musique:

Meet O.N.O: the new Parisian electronic duo.
Comprised of French comedian and DJ, Nathalie Duchene, and her friend Rudy Kobain, O.N.O is a project formed through their connection on the Paris electronic scene. They decided to try their hand at collaborating, and ‘Modern Dance’ is the first fruits of their burgeoning relationship.
“ I produce a lot everyday but I hardly ever finish my tracks ” says Kobain. “ I sent Nathalie my favourite one and she had wonderful ideas on how to continue this one and finish it. ” They completed the track at his home, and once he showed her more of his works-in-progress, she had plenty more ideas on how to carry them to the finish line. “ The same magic happened: she knew what to add to make it a hit.” It was clear that a formidable partnership was being created.
‘Modern Dance’ is a funk-fuelled house/disco cut filled with bold sounds. Slinky, plump bass grooves against the taut drums while pitch-bending synths create a dramatic backdrop. A shimmering, plucked lead motif cuts through the mix with no warning to create a mystical and captivating melodic focal point. Recordings of gossiping ladies fill the breakdown, adding more drama still, and swooping strings provide the finishing touch. Fierce, funky and full of attitude, it’s a surefire hit. “ It’s a perfect track to show our world. We wanted to create a track you can dance, eat, drink and make love to. ”
French dance music royalty and personal friend of the duo, Yuksek, amps up the bass funk on his remix, slides in some gentle acid tones and generally pumps the whole thing up. There’s an almost old skool rave euphoria in the widescreen sounds of his pads and strings and some clever edits and FX provide moments of unexpected juxtaposition. “ Nathalie has known him for years and he was immediately super excited to remix the track. He totally brings the tracks to the dancefloor!”
‘Rockarz’ is a mighty ‘b-side’ that channels ‘80s electro pop to great effect, with chanted male vocals set against airy female harmonies and rubbery bass melody underneath. Glass chimes and resampled synths provide the additional colour, and all in all it’s a camp dancefloor workout.
With their tracks mixed by Super Discount’s Julien Delfaut, their glorious tracks are finished off in a punchy technicolour sheen. “ I have known him for a long time and he is one of the best mixers in Paris. Thanks to him we have a special sound that you can find all over our upcoming EPs.”