::O.N.O – Modern Dance Remixes::

Artist: O.N.O
Title: Modern Dance Remixes
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 19.08.2022

The mighty Irish talent Krystal Klear provides a stonking remix of Parisian duo’s quirky ‘Modern Dance’ for Exploited here, coming in all guns blazing.

Deliciously plump drum machine toms throb away in sorrowful fashion over hard-smacking clap layers and teasing snatches of the string motif. A pumping Italo disco bassline slams into play with vox synth delays padding out the top end. Those seductive vocals weave their way into the depths of the mix, the atmosphere of the track slowly gelling as pulsing, filtered chords swell.

The triumphant feel of the elongated breakdown lets these shiny melodic elements dazzle in all their glory as swathes of white noise rise and fall. Reducing to nothing more than the graceful string melodies and the subtlest of piano chords, it’s a thing of real beauty. Wobbling synth FX indicate that we’re to get ready to dance again, and when the beat hits back in, it’s a real fist-pumper of a moment.

While O.N.O. go from strength-to-strength, Nathalie will also release a side project on Toy Tonics with some very big remixers in tow. The O.N.O. brand just keeps getting bigger…

Exploited · O.N.O – Modern Dance (Krystal Klear Remix)| Exploited