::O.N.O – Hava Nagila::

Artist: O.N.O
Title: Hava Nagila
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 04.09.2020

Parisian newcomers O.N.O follow up their feisty debut ‘Modern Dance’ with another quirky dancefloor smash, reworking traditional Jewish celebratory folk song, ‘Hava Nagila’.
“We wanted to show a part of orientalism with O.N.O ” says Rudy.“ I made this track a long time ago because I am Jewish and this song is a part of my life. We decided to add it to the project and bring something more poppy and worldwide-focused. During our DJ set we found out that everybody knows this song. It’s also a meaning of happiness and peace: ‘Let us rejoice all together, let’s sing and be happy together’. It’s a spiritual thing! ”
It’s a startling interpretation of this famous song, with the lead melody played through delayed, plucked synth, and the track underpinned by funky electro bass and sharp beats. Aside from the famous chorus, additional vocal verses are added to add some extra dancefloor context. Eastern string melodies play in the background to add a cinematic feel.
‘Violent’ is another superb concoction, stomping away with their fast-becoming-trademark electro bass and drums, more dramatic strings panning in dizzying fashion, distorted acidic arpeggios and vocodered vocal samples adding a dark touch. With a driving, metronomic beat, it charges through the dancefloor, destroying all in its path.

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