::O.N.O – Gran Music::

Artist: O.N.O
Title: Gran Music
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 30.07.2021

Parisian duo O.N.O. are back with what could well be their biggest single yet. Mixed by Jabberwocky, ‘Gran Music’ is a sumptuous affair that follows in the footsteps of its acclaimed predecessor ‘Don’t You Know’.

Wonky piano chords undulate in the intro as a jaunty violin melody and snare hits play quietly in the background. Rudy’s hazy vocals float into focus, creating a dreamy feel as the lead arpeggio teases in the background. When that wiggling synth line finally slams in with the beat and the playful, cute hook, the impact is huge. An additional synth layer adds more bite to the massive bassline, colouring in the gaps further. The arrangement strips back to the arp, kick and vocals to give a moment of spaciousness, and Nathalie’s laconic delivery adds a gentle lift.

The breakdown is a beautiful affair, coming across like a soaring melodic techno moment where the synths reach higher towards the heavens and the vocals send tingles up the spine. The electro pop flavour soon returns with renewed vigour, with a bold contrast between the two sections.

With a definite French electro/disco heritage running through it, ‘Gran Music’ is another mightily impressive addition to the O.N.O. catalogue that shows once again their prowess for uniting the dancefloor with the realms of pop sensibilities.

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