::NEAT – Street Violence / Mercedes Benzo Remixes::

Artist: NEAT
Title: Street Violence / Mercedes Benzo Remixes
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 22.05.2020

Early feedback in by Erol Alkan, The Juan MacLean, Adana Twins, Red Rack’em, Audiojack, Tensnake, Hyenah, Mr. Tophat, M.A.N.D.Y., Danny Howells, Jacques Renault, Alinka, Dee Montero…

Massimilano Pagliara Remix premiered by LIQUID YOUTH:

NEAT’s last top-notch outing on Exploited gets the rework treatment here from two very talented names from the European house ‘n’ stuff scene.
Original Panoramabar resident, Robert Johnson and Permanent Vacation recording artist Masssimilano Pagliara provides the first masterful rework, cooking up a flurry of melodic beauty. Taking the pretty aesthetics of the original of ‘Street Violence’ and boosting the atmospheric touches somewhat, his remix builds through a lazy bassline, ticking hi-hats and 808 woodblock clicks. Deep melodic elements intertwine like those soft acid licks and melancholy chord delays, with a beautifully glassy lead synth plucking a heavenly melody that cuts through the mix in tandem with pulsing pad swells. The remix builds to a dizzying, ecstatic climax that still manages to retain a lightness of touch.
NEAT’s fellow Stockholm pal and Studio Barnhus affiliate Art Alfie brings his pumping, high-tempo house style to the remix of ‘Mercedes Benzo’. The wonderfully deep, mystical chug ‘n’ stomp of the original is replaced with a driving filter disco touch, with the melodic elements of the original buried deep in the mix. Racing hi-hats drive along the filtered loop and deep disco bass, with the groove only relenting for a stripped-back breakdown where the hi-hats phase into a tripped-out wash. Teasing, succinct and powerful.

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