::NEAT – Mercedes Benzo::

Artist: NEAT
Title: Mercedes Benzo
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 01.11.2019

Those Swedish talents NEAT are back on Exploited once again with another hot two-tracker.

‘Mercedes Benzo’ stands out with a sound all of its own that you’d be hard pressed to pin down. There’s elements of trance or classic synth composition in its bold, sweeping pads and melodic refrains that drift in and out of focus. There’s house in its taut beats and techno in its undulating bass funk. The melancholy mood of its riffs and groove is what really makes it fly, with subtle melodic tension built in its pulsing on-beat whistling sounds. As the soaring feel of the melodies urges the track onwards, it seems likely that the track might swell to grander proportions — but its key is in staying understated and mysterious. Simply gorgeous stuff.

‘Pomshello’ is laced with similarly lush melody but takes a slightly more direct approach with its looping bass riff in action from the first beat. Shimmering synth delays flit through the sweet reverbs as classic drum machine sounds tick away propulsively. Sorrowful keys build the mood to a hazy, ambient-flavoured place, and once again a deep dancefloor mood is created. It’s not something for peak time, but for a balmy sunrise over a beach perhaps. Its delicate beauty needs careful handling and framing. More magic from the Swedes.