::NEAT – Lavish All Around::

Artist: NEAT
Title: Lavish All Around
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 23.04.2021

NEAT have bottled up some of that frosty Stockholm atmosphere in their new 3-track EP, Lavish All Round, ready to deliver more deeply chilled melodic house across the world.The title track gallops along at a decent pace with stuttering snare fills propelling it with added urgency as a nagging hook filters in and out of the depths. Deft chords do battle with a sprightly, fizzing synth blast in a question-and-answer style arrangement. The percussion builds further, the nagging refrain and the various melodic elements combining in softly euphoric harmony.Ambiente Fashion is a somewhat meatier affair, featuring one Ms. Trance Late. Analog drum machine rhythms percolate in a tribal arrangement as vox pads and rubbery electro bass build a solid groove foundation. An Italo-esque arpeggio tickles and trickles its way into this thick mesh of sound, providing the tracks gently pulsating vocal element. Its a hypnotic ride through subtle FX touches, robotic vocal snatches and continual automation that gives it a living, breathing feel.Lit Forever makes for a dazzling finale, spilling over with old skool synth leads and arpeggios that hark back to 90s prog in a beautiful way. The pitter-patter of hi-hats and the smack of drum machine snares provide the foundations for these resplendent melodic elements to flow over, as plaintive bass notes permeate the frosty atmospherics. A thing of real beauty.

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