::NEAT – DYR::

Artist: NEAT
Title: DYR
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Release date: 07.07.2023

We’ve got Stockholm syndrome right now. This might just be the formidable NEAT’s best work to date.
‘DYR’ is a beautiful, delicate, unhurried gem of a track, dripping in sensuality. Shimmering percussion and delayed claps lay a foundation atop sorrowful sustained organ-esque pads. Subtle bass throbs sorrowfully in tandem with the yearning, melancholic chord progression. Deft stabs and flutters of heavenly melody flicker across the stereo field, while sweet electronic piano motifs tug at the heart strings. Deceptively powerful, this is a truly glorious moment in time, topped off by emotive vocal samples used sparingly but potently.
‘Purple Brain’ is an entirely different but equally delightful kettle of proverbial fish. Tumbling soul breakbeats echo tightly while dubby keys and vocal cuts tickle the surface of the track. Jazzy organ thrusts punctuate the groove as bass rumbles deep beneath. Reminiscent of classic late nineties / early naughties downtempo grooves a la Kid Loco, Aim et al, it’s a light and dreamy piece of work that hypnotises you into a state of willing submission.

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