::Moodymanc Feat. Diane Charlemagne – Take Me Back::

Artist: Moodymanc
Title: Take Me Back
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 23.09.2022

Mancunian musician, DJ and artist Danny Ward dons his ‘Moodymanc’ hat to work vocals he recorded with legendary vocalist and old friend Diane Charlemagne (Goldie, Moby, High Contrast, London Elektricity) to produce a poignant EP of retro futurist deep and soulful music. In his own words:
“I had always known Diane as one of the ‘older’ musicians and artists we all looked up to when growing up in Manchester. We became fast friends and partners in mischief when working and touring together with Urban Cookie Collective when ‘The Key The Secret’ became an accidental hit (a semi guilty secret!). When I started my solo production career as ‘Dubble D’ Di was always a mentor and collaborator, taking time out from working with the likes of Goldie (Inner City Life) and touring and recording with Moby to record with me and also to work on our 2020 Soundsystem project, singing live and recording our cover and homage to the timeless Frankie Knuckles anthem ‘Your Love’. We remained close up to her untimely loss in 2015 which, for me as so many, hit really hard.
It was on the tail end of one of these sessions that we recorded the vocals for ‘Take Me Back’ over some beats I had been working on at the time. They had been sitting on a hard drive, being revisited from time to time without anything solid coming together until lockdown, when the spirit and sentiment of the lyrics seemed to resonate so much on both a personal and global level, and inspiration hit in a big way!
The original mix harks back to soulful breaks and broken beat times but (hopefully) with a forward thinking and futuristic outlook. I revisited the vocal once more when I’d done this to do some deeper versions, with a little more space. It’s a release that has a lot of personal meaning and emotion for me. I sincerely hope that you enjoy it.”

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