::Micropacer – Fiji Water::

Artist: Micropacer
Title: Fiji Water
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP136
Release date: 29.09.2023

Berlin’s Micropacer debuts on Exploited Club with a superb 4-track EP of bright, melodic music following a string of releases on Ritmo Fatale, AEON Audio, and Melodize.

‘Fiji Water’ kicks off with strong fist-pumping intent and setting the Italo tone for the EP. Warm chord progressions play out on the most ‘80s of synths while the bass arps bubble away pleasingly and the interweaving percussion keeps an urgent yet uncluttered feel to the proceedings.‘

‘Tummo’ builds slowly and fixates on sprightly piano chords and jaunty synth lines to keep the mood jubilant. Buzzing bass swells provide extra uplift while a big drum solo mid-way through perfectly recalls classic ‘80s pop/dance dubs. The tom fills are perfection and the breakdown reaches giddy new levels of euphoria.

Not smiling yet? Gosh, you’re a tough customer. ‘Alte Liebe’ will send you over the edge. An absolutely stunning melodic progression underpins the undulating bass and relentless piano stomp of this one, recalling classic Italo / piano house with its jubilant feel and soaring pads. Huge.

‘1983’ is pure Italo / Hi-NRG pump, camply strutting its off-beat bass throb across the dancefloor as shards of sharp synth chords pierce through the mix and concoct a melancholy vibe alongside far-flung countermelody in the distance.

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