::Martin Waslewski – Callous::

Artist: Martin Waslewski
Title: Callous
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP17
Release date: 10.10.2016

Early support by Ewan Pearson, Jamie Jones, Tim Green, Laurent Garnier, SIS, Ashworth, Tiga, Dusky, Ardalan, Friendly Fires, Baikal, Acid Pauli, Edu Imbernon, Till Von Sein, Kiki, Iron Curtis, Karotte, Larse, Worthy, Severino/Horse Meat Disco.

Martin Waslewski is on a roll at the moment. With his groovy tracks, punchy bass and flowery summer ballads he has attracted tons of DJs in the last 12 months.
We are happy he is back with a new 2 track release on Exploited Ghetto.

First Feedback:
Ewan Pearson: Callous is jolly good indeed.
Dusky: Callous is cool.
Jamie Jones: Sounds cool.
Tim Green: Like Callous a lot.
Laurent Garnier: Callous for me.
SIS: Bomb.
Ashworth: Nice! Slick production. Nice melodies. Bet this will kill it on the dancefloor.
Whitesquare: Love It.
Tiga: DL
Friendly Fires: Fiercy stuff. Love it.
Baikal: Callous is cool.
Ardalan: Lovely release:)
Edu Imbernon: This is great.
Iron Curtis: Callous is simple but effective.
Till Von Sein: Great EP. Love the deep limb.
Acid Pauli: 🙂
Karotte: Callous is my pick here.
Larse: This is brilliant. Love it. Callous is my jam.
Worthy: Callous is really dope.
Severino/Horse Meat Disco: Pretty cool vibe.
Den Ishu: Great tune.