::Marcus Meinhardt – Hibiskuss::

Artist: Marcus Meinhardt
Title: Hibiskuss
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP46
Release date: 08.10.2018

Early feedback in from Jonas Rathsman, Jamie Jones, Karmon, Brothers Vibe, jozif, Severino, Dave Seaman, Karotte.

Marcus Meinhardt’s track “Hibiskuss” brings pulsating and warm tropical layers together, seducing its listener into total indulgence. The tribal percussions set the tone, shaking and grooving throughout the track and thus providing a framework for the beautiful melody. Having a light melancholic touch to it, which is underlined by the vocal elements, there is still a positive vibe radiating off the track. Through the build up it feels like you are taken on a journey following new, enchanting soundscapes, culminating in a twirl of bliss in the break. Don’t sit around and wait, have a cup of Dr. Meinhardt’s highly recommended “Hibiskuss” tea.

Early Feedback:
Jonas Rathsman: Nice one!
Jamie Jones: Sounds cool.
Karmon: Thanks.
Brothers Vibe: All good.
jozif: Very Dixony.
Karotte: Nice one from Marcus.
Severino: This is cute.
Dave Seaman: Cool stuff. Will play for sure.

Artist: Marcus Meinhardt
Release: Hibiskuss
Label: Exploited Ghetto
Cat: EXP46
Publisher: Exploited Ghetto Music Publishing
Releasedate Beatport: 08.10.18
Releasedate I-Tunes: 22.10.18