::Louis De Tomaso – Malfunction::

Artist: Louis De Tomaso
Title: Malfunction
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP123
Release date: 04.11.2022

UK producer Louis De Tomaso pushes a vibrant retro sound that’s laced with euphoric intention and has received support from the likes of Krystal Klear, Jennifer Cardini, Kendal, Pablo Bozzi, Tiger and Woods, Perel and Cormac. He comes up trumps here with two new tracks for the well-reputed Exploited imprint.

Channeling classic Eurodance and Italo, ‘Malfunction’ is a riot of a track that’s brimming with strong melodies and motifs. Within seconds you’re assaulted by an array of potent lines weaving away under ticking hi-hats and roomy snare hits, swelling to a tremendous intensity before the undulating bassline rocks in. Big arpeggios, fizzing chords, soaring leads and dramatic riffs abound, with never a dull moment in this super-colourful track. All is woven together seamlessly, erupting like a volcano as the melodies transpose to higher octaves as the track progresses. Any one of these riffs would be strong enough to be the lead refrain on any given track. Louis De Tomaso’s generous spirit instead packs them all into a huge 5 minutes and 40 seconds.

‘Prince’, a track that lay unfinished for nearly 5 years, is more on the hi-NRG tip. Given a new lick of paint by De Tomaso, it’s driven by a camp, sugary lead riff that bursts through the mix like a buzzsaw. Chugging bass arpeggios provide more forward-thrust as the spacious beats hammer away and classic ravey synth sounds hammer out a delightful selection of colourful hooks. A huge build where pitch risers meet rapid-fire claps sends the track rocketing into the ether, exploding in a rainbow of colour. Fun levels are maxxed out on this one.

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