::Levantine – Superficies De Placer::

Artist: Levantine
Title: Superficies De Placer
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP127
Release date: 16.06.2023

Mexico’s rising star Levantine is back on Exploited Club with another monstrous release in the form of ‘Superficies De Placer’. Taking its cues from Vitalic’s dark blend of rugged electro synths, ‘80s electro-pop drama and contemporary club attitude, the title track builds with dazzling arpeggios and heavily-reverbed snare hits, layers of intensity subtly adding as these synth lines become ever-more urgent. Pulses of high-pitched, vibrato 8-bit chords add a soaring sensation in this intense cathedral of sound.
The EBM mix takes its name and style from the ‘Electronic Body Music’ sound of the ‘80s which combined industrial, post-punk thrills with synths and drum machines to hard-hitting effect. It strips the title track back just a little, with a more retro feel to the production aesthetic as you might expect and a little more pump in its groove.
‘Victims Of Love’ harks back to the progression of Italo disco into Eurodance, with buzzing detuned bass and a stuttering, saccharine lead line that intersperses with sustained chord blasts and more cutesy 8-bit melody to delightful effect. The off-beat pulse of this one really drives it forward powerfully, and Levatine’s production prowess throughout is remarkable.

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