::Levantine – High Energy::

Artist: Levantine
Title: High Energy
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP133
Release date: 01.09.2023

Levantine serves up his most propulsive, hard-edged music on this new EP for Exploited Club.

On the title track ‘High Energy’, distorted kicks suck at a tense synth arpeggio while in the distance a dramatic melody plays amidst a church-like reverb. Acidic overtones rise in the arp before big snare hits drop in and the lead melody shifts up an octave dramatically. Techno-tinged hi-hats push things forward more before we strip back in stark style and vox synths arrive to increase the haunting feel further still. Little else is needed aside from clever arrangement and juicy electronic tom fills to keep this one rocking until the very least beat.

‘Power, Corruption & Lies’ takes its cues from muscle-pumping ‘80s Hi-NRG, with a pogoing synth b-line trading blows with tight claps and gated snares by turns. Spare but spacious percussive rhythm pervades to accentuate the double-time bass, leading us to a breakdown decked out with a plucked, trancey melody and filtering, sweeping pad sustains. The tension builds before everything gels together, with the haunting feel of the title track continued here. As always, Levantine’s sense of drama and atmosphere shines through effortlessly.

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