::Levantine – Disco Relaxation::

Artist: Levantine
Title: Disco Relaxation
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP113
Release date: 20.05.2022

Taking his cues from ‘80s new wave and synthpop, Mexican newcomer Levantine has a super-punchy electro sound that has been winning him fans like the legendary DJ Hell. He serves up three hot tracks for Exploited which clearly define what he’s all about.

‘Disco Relaxation’ is a bruiser from the off, with a rugged ascending bassline scale filtering into play on top of a propulsive beat. The push and pull between the percussion and the synth give the track a delightful wiggle, and the drama is built masterfully slowly through an array of bold melodic lines and vintage sounds to a powerful climax.

‘Nuevos Horizontes’ is a bit more of a melodic affair, hazy detuned chord washes punctuate that shoulder-popping bass arpeggio and ride cymbals adding a sense of urgency as the track builds. A tense breakdown ensues, after which the bass groove morphs through a series of different tonalities and pads and FX soar in the background along with a sprightly arp that provides the icing on the cake.

‘The New Wave’ rounds off the package with dramatic drum fills and hits meeting a mutli-layered bass groove that’s drenched in clever atmospheric touches. A haunting melody arrives halfway through to give the track a euphoric edge, but none of the toughness is foregone as a result — making this a track of bold contrasts.

Also making electro, psychedelic and stoner rock with his other project Red Eyes & Tears, Levantine is very much one to watch.

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