::Laroz – Cars::

Artist: Laroz
Title: Cars
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Release date: 10.05.2024

In the 1970s in the UK, while stationary in his car – Gary Numan was browbeaten by a couple of blokes who peered through his window with nefarious intent. He locked the doors, sped away and evaded danger leading him to view the car as the ‘tank of modern society’. Add an iconic Minimoog sequence, some Polymoog strings and Numan’s robotic vocal tones and we have the cross-continental hit ‘Cars’ released in 1979.

Many artists from vastly disparate pockets of the industry have covered, sampled and reworked the original with Nine Inch Nails, Kool G Rap & DJ Polo, Armand Van Helden, Judybats, Hole and Fear Factory being some examples. Now – Laroz presents a rejuvenation of ’Cars’.

With a previous release on Solomun’s Dynamic Music, Laroz channels an eclectic array of influences into his music. An adroit instrumentalist with a long history of moving floors, he is perfectly placed to do the original justice. Crisp drums, marble-glazed synth string and the vocal accompaniment of Luis Fernando Chavez are the ingredients and the result is a version that packs sufficient punch for modern dance floors whilst maintaining the spirit of the original recording.