::Kyodai – Iyesá::

Artist: Kyodai
Title: Iyesá
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 7.5.2018

In Top 10 Afrohouse Single Beatport Charts:
Premiered by Electronic Groove.

Early feedback in from Andhim, Laurent Garnier, Groove Armada, Nick Curly, Red Axes, Tensnake, Rampa, Skream, Riva Starr, Hyenah, Onur Özman, Toto Chiavetta, Lauren Lane, David Mayer, Sobek, Pablo Fierro, Karmon, Peter Kruder, Sasha, Stereo MCs, Till Von Sein, Show-B, Huxley, Doctor Dru, Rhythm Masters, Bodhi, Tone Of Arc…

Berlin duo Kyodai have always exhibited a high degree of what some might term ‘musicality’ in their electronic workouts. This new three-track EP for Exploited sees them step into some of the boldest creative territory of their career, channeling the spirit of African rhythm into their powerful production aesthetic.

Iyesá itself is a slow building track that takes a techno approach to structuring African sounds, with chattering percussion creating a motorik feel that drives the track along. Heavily-effected wind instruments create dramatic tension in the background with big reverbs and warped modulations. It’s about as hypnotic as they come, with manic vocal snippets occasionally slicing through the brooding track.

Melancolia switches up to a swung triplet rhythm and a lighter feel, with uplifting female vocals soaring over muted, plucked instrumentation and tuned percussive hits. It’s spaciously arranged, with the elements all allowed to breath and far-off claps and plump bass tones providing some counterweight. Majestic and joyous, it’s a wonderful contrast to the title track.

Agwe rounds this marvelous EP off with an even more heavily-swung feel, creating an almost drunken, stumbling sensation. Shuffling percussion brings the energy as the bassline almost trips over itself, the looping feel of the track drawing you in imperceptibly. There’s an almost early-’80s industrial tinge to this one, the African influence somehow subtler.

First Feedback:
Andhim: Cool stuff from Kyodai. Will be testing.
Laurent Garnier: Simply excellent. Love these 3 tracks. Been playing it since 1 month.
Groove Armada: All amazing but Iyesa is the one.
Tensnake: Iyesá is big, thanks.
Nick Curly: The first track is sick.
Rampa: Super cool.
Riva Starr: Wow. Iyesá – what a tune. Big fan of the eclecticism of these guys. Always welcome in my DJ Bag.
Skream: Iyesa wins for me guys. Support.
Lauren Lane: Super dope EP.
David Mayer: Rad release. I absolutely love Iyesá. It’s dope.
Rhythm Masters: Love this release guys.
Karmon: Thanks.
Red Axes. Thanks.
Huxley: Iyesá is wicked track.
Onur Özman: What a package. Loving all.
Pablo Fierro: What a great rhythms and vibe. I love Iyesa!
Hyenah: Iyesá is unique and irresistible.
Peter Kruder: Love all 3 tune and will play them. Fantastic work as always.
Stereo Mcs: Solid!
Doctor Dru: Iyesá is a bomb.
Sobek: Soo much fun from Kyodai! Iyesa is my tune!!
Toto Chiavetta: Lovely tunes in there!
Sasha: Tasty stuff.
Echonomist: Iyesá is big!
Bodhi: Dope Drums.
Show-B: I like Iyesa.
Tone Of Arc: Cool. dark and different.
Renato Ratier: Thanks for the music.