::Kotelett & Zadak – The Big Feeling::

Artist: Kotelett & Zadak
Title: The Big Feeling
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP56
Release date: 20.05.2019

Berlin duo Kotelett & Zadak have released a steady stream of kooky tracks on Exploited Ghetto over the last few years amidst other outings for the likes of Poker Flat Recordings. You can always count on them to deliver some potent material for the dancefloor, and this new pack doesnt fail to excite.

The title track “The Big Feeling” is a masterclass in dancefloor economics, with not a note or frequency wasted in this stripped-back, focused slice of magic. Its slow-burning approach sees a dreamy, hazy vocal inject a subtle sense of soul into a looping, gentle techno rhythm. Snares are only unleashed halfway through, the simplest of hi-hats ticking away up until then and laconic synth refrains twinkling over the brooding bass tones. Play it loud and marvel at the way it imperceptibly draws you in.

“Sam Same” hooks you in with its rapid-fire metallic percussion and a pulsing lead synth which is full of drama and suspense. Ticking hi-hats drive the track along as subtle washes of reverb swell gently beneath. A resonant, bubbling 8-bit style synth rears its head from time to time with cartoon-like charisma. Shrieking, muted organ-like sounds add more colour still in the break. A nagging arpeggio builds the intensity further as sleek hi-hats pick up the energy further. These constituent parts could easily be combined into something overblown and intense, but the subtlety displayed throughout is a far more powerful option.