::Kotelett – I Got Something For You Remix::

Artist: Kotelett
Title: I Got Something For You Remix
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP101
Release date: 03.09.2021

You can always count on Kotelett to serve up some vibrant melodic monsters, and the follow-up to his latest I Got Something For You EP for Exploited Ghetto has now been remixed by the always-amazing Lauer, of Tuff City Kids, Black Spuma and indeed Lauer fame.

Lauers remix is as scorching as you might expect it. He extracts the drive and texture of the central bassline motif, and showers it in heavenly chords, blissful riffage and slick electro percussion. A few licks of gentle acid bathe the track in additional warmth, taking you on a trip back to the early 90s in softly euphoric style.

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