::Kiki & Alessio Pagliaroli – Neverending Now Remixes::

Artist: Kiki & Alessio Pagliaroli
Title: Neverending Now Remixes
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 28.5.2018

Early feedback in from Jamie Jones, AME, Yousef, Marcel Dettmann, Erol Alkan, James Zabiela, Ralph Lawson, SIS, Tensnake, Super Flu, Ian Pooley, Tiger Stripes, Sasha, 2000 And One, Huxley, Doctor Dru, Peter Kruder, Bryan Kessler, Will Clarke, Marvy Da Pimp, The Drifter…

‘Neverending Now’ by Kiki & Alessio Pagliaroli gets the remix treatment from Chicago dance legend DJ Deeon (one of the original producers of the ghetto house sound), Bristols production powerhouse dubspeeka and Leipzig based Daniel Stefanik.

Early Feedback:
Jamie Jones: Sounds cool.
AME: Thanks.
Yousef: I like all 3 versions for different reasons, for different times. Deeon gets the most spirit for me but all great.
Marcel Dettmann: Thx.
James Zabiela: Dubspeeka Remix is my favourite here. Also like Deeons take on it.
Ralph Lawson: I like the Stefanik Remix.
SIS: Thx.
Radio Slave: Thanks for the promo. Gonna check and get back to u asap.
Super Flu: Cool Deeon Remix.
Ian Pooley: Der Stefanik Remix ist cool!
Tensnake: Deeon Remix is great!
Martin Landsky: Dubspeeka all the way for me here…
2000 And One: Very cool mixes.
Marvy Da Pimp: My favorite is mos definitely the DJ Deeon version! Dancemania 4 Life!
Tiger Stripes: Deeon for me. Love it!
Sasha: Hot Vibes.
Doctor Dru: Yerp. Thx!
Peter Kruder: The DJ Deeon Remix is great ! Love it and will play it. Also love the hypnotic dubspeeka Remix. Will play that too.
The Drifter: DJ Deeon sounds cool.
Bryan Kessler: DJ Deeon mix.
Digitaria: Awesome EP.
Huxley: Feel all of this.
DJ Le Roi: Deeeeon for me. Sick mix!
Will Clarke: This is fucking dope.
Marco Ressmann: Great package of remixes!