::Joyce Muniz & Theus Mago – Balin Bali::

Artist: Joyce Muniz & Theus Mago
Title: Balin Bali
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 23.06.2023

Joyce Muniz returns to Exploited with a dark Italo slammer, produced alongside rising Mexican star, Theus Mago.
A beautifully slinky synth arpeggio bubbles away as a tight, lip-smacking beat builds and subtle robotic FX rub up against the groove. With no warning, a flurry of 8-bit melody cascades from the ether, playing haunting scales amidst a backdrop of cavernous reverb. Dramatic pads slice their way through the darkness, leading us towards a tense breakdown where pitched-up vocal cuts add a twisted flavour. The full assault of the 8-bit synths is felt at the drop, coming across like an intense video game battle sequence, with brooding sustained synth rasps swelling and pitch-bending for a final touch of intensity.

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