::Joyce Muniz & Theus Mago – Balin Bali Remixes::

Artist: Joyce Muniz & Theus Mago
Title: Balin Bali Remixes
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Release date: 18.08.2023

Joyce Muniz & Theus Mago’s feisty ‘Balin Bali’ Italo collaboration is a hot enough snack on its own, but with these two excellent new remixes it just got even tastier.

Marvin & Guy up the tempo to a pacey house bounce and lay on some gentle electro textures. Shimmering stabs fizz atop a galloping beat as relentless bass waves undulate propulsively. The synths unfurl further in the breakdown before the time-stretched vocal announces the drop, where a heady crescendo awaits us. Synth flutes add a mystical edge next as the track steps back into a more hypnotic groove.

French producer and Jennifer Caridni collaborator Damon Jee steps up next with an alternate Italo take on the original. The track builds slowly and with a moody edge as synths soar and snares hit hard over a chugging arpeggiated bassline, climaxing a dizzying breakdown which really gets the synapses firing. Slamming us back down into a sparse arrangement where that bassline rules all, the euphoria is snatched away from us suddenly in dramatic and very effective fashion.

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