::Joyce Muniz – Pulp Fiction EP::

Joyce Muniz_Pulp Fiction_Exploited_Artwork
Artist: Joyce Muniz
Title: Pulp Fiction EP
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 26.09.2011

Artwork: Floor 5

Picture: Saskia Nadi 

Joyce Muniz‘s funky, percussion-heavy DJ sets – covering everything from Afro beats to tropical tech, electro, and house – have already garnered her a huge international following, and Pulp Fiction, on Exploited Records is a direct reflection of her “serious sweating on the dancefloor” style. The title track is melodic and lighthearted, a party jacking house track with subtle pop moments. Tech-ed out chords and the smooth vocals drive the excellent “Morning Love,” and “Pray for Peace” is full of futuristic afro-tropical house vibes. The jacking, warm “Back Down” also stands out, and “New In Town” rounds out the release on a stripped-down, soulful deep house note.

Early appreciation by Skream, Maya Jane Coles, A-Trak, Round Table Knights, Martin Dawson, Ewan Pearson, Laurent Garnier, Ian Pooley, Hudson Mohawke, CatznDogs, Joe Goddard/Hot Chip, Munk, Alex Barck/Jazzanova, Philip Sherburne…

Some selected feedback:

Skream: Sick!

Maya Jane Coles: Joyce’s productions are always really solid. I really like her stuff and it’s good to see other female producers rising.

Round Table Knights: Great Ep! Morning Love is sooo good! Back Down & New in Town I like too..

Ewan Pearson: Strong all round – the straight-up party bounce of Pulp Fiction is probably the one for me.

Mosca: First time I’ve given 5 stars to a fatdrop promo! Will definitely run Pulp Fiction, Back Down, New In Town, and if u have an instru of Morning Love I will run that as well.

Kiki: Like this very much! Difficult to pick a fave, probably a tough choice between “back down” & “new in town”… or maybe “pray for peace”…

Martin Dawson: Pulp Fiction is great!

Ian Pooley: It’s wicked!

CatznDogs: WOW !! A BOMB again ! /greg

Joe Goddard/Hot Chip: All good! Joe

Munk: Nice EP! Pulp Fiction is really cool.

Alex Barck/Jazzanova: There is something about this EP. Will find out while playing it.

Philip Sherburne: “Pray for Peace” is nice — digging those kalimba-like textures. I also like the foggy vibes of “Back Down.”

David Keno: Nice release! New in Town is the one for me.

Homework: Going all Woody Allen over Morning Love!

Huxley: All solid tracks. Will play.

Tom Flynn: Joyce never fails! Love her stuff! Pray for Peace is awesome! Thank you. Full support!

Emerson Todd: Very nice stufff .. really well done.

Sound Pellegrino: Very cool stuff.

Okain: Great great great!

Tim Paris: Cool track with Louie Austen!

Feadz: Very usefull tracks out there.

Drums of Death: Really nice stuff. Deep and so much soul. Great productions.

Bag Raiders: Great package. Big Joyce fan!!!

Rampa: New in town for prof dr med rampa. Clap Clap.

Coat of Arms: Love Morning Love, So Good & Back Down, Will Be Playing. Joyce Is On Fire As Always, Someone Get The Ice Bucket xxx