::Joyce Muniz – Pulp Fiction EP (Future House Dubs)::

Joyce - Pulp Fiction Artwork
Artist: Joyce Muniz
Title: Pulp Fiction EP (Future House Dubs)
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 10.10.2011

Artwork: Floor 5

Picture: Saskia Nadi 

With a full schedule of international gigs and being Beatportal’s artist to watch for 2011, Joyce’s 3rd release on Exploited is taking the listener on a musical journey through Afro beats,Tropical Tech, Electro, and House, and guarantee serious sweating on the dance floor.

Joyce Muniz has a knack for making percussive music that resonates in the weird crevasses of the human mind, and her latest offering is no exception. Imagine a smoke and lazer-filled drum circle where everyone’s chugging cough syrup and you’re beginning to get the idea.

Joyce Muniz is featured as a singer on the current Munk Album “The Beat and the Bird” out on Gomma, remixed the classic house anthem “Lovely Dae” by Blaze out on Defected and just scored No.4 in the Deephouse Beatport-Charts with her “Malicia”-Single.

“Pulp Fiction” is her 3rd release on the Berlin label Exploited. Her last single “Bedstories” on Exploited was heavy pumping big-boned party house with some serious momentum reminiscent of Mr.G, while Cosmin TRGs rework went somewhere far more abstract and intriguing with an Actress-alike Detroit/South London swingjackers’s mix and Mr. Ho gave it the filtered disco-house treatment for fans of Toby Tobias or Wbeeza.

“Pulp Fiction” still is party house – but with a slice of summer cheese never taking things too seriously.

With the “Pulp Fiction EP” Joyce shows the variety of her production and music taste. “Welcome to my Future House!” – as Joyce likes to say.

This release does include all the Dub-Versions of the “Pulp Fiction”-EP + the 2 Bonus tracks: “Welcome to my Future House feat. Sketch” and “Something I Have to Say”.

Early appreciation by Skream, Maya Jane Coles, A-Trak, Round Table Knights, Martin Dawson, Ewan Pearson, Laurent Garnier, Ian Pooley, Hudson Mohawke, CatznDogs, Joe Goddard/Hot Chip, Munk, Alex Barck/Jazzanova, Philip Sherburne…

Some selected feedback:

Skream: Sick!

Maya Jane Coles: Joyce’s productions are always really solid. I really like her stuff and it’s good to see other female producers rising.

Round Table Knights: Great Ep! Morning Love is sooo good! Back Down & New in Town I like too..

Ewan Pearson: Strong all round – the straight-up party bounce of Pulp Fiction is probably the one for me.

Mosca: First time I’ve given 5 stars to a fatdrop promo! Will definitely run Pulp Fiction, Back Down, New In Town, and if u have an instru of Morning Love I will run that as well.

Kiki: Like this very much! Difficult to pick a fave, probably a tough choice between “back down” & “new in town”… or maybe “pray for peace”…

Martin Dawson: Pulp Fiction is great!

Ian Pooley: It’s wicked!

CatznDogs: WOW !! A BOMB again ! /greg

Joe Goddard/Hot Chip: All good! Joe

Munk: Nice EP! Pulp Fiction is really cool.

Alex Barck/Jazzanova: There is something about this EP. Will find out while playing it.

Philip Sherburne: “Pray for Peace” is nice — digging those kalimba-like textures. I also like the foggy vibes of “Back Down.”

David Keno: Nice release! New in Town is the one for me.

Homework: Going all Woody Allen over Morning Love!

Huxley: All solid tracks. Will play.

Tom Flynn: Joyce never fails! Love her stuff! Pray for Peace is awesome! Thank you. Full support!

Emerson Todd: Very nice stufff .. really well done.

Sound Pellegrino: Very cool stuff.

Okain: Great great great!

Tim Paris: Cool track with Louie Austen!

Feadz: Very usefull tracks out there.

Drums of Death: Really nice stuff. Deep and so much soul. Great productions.

Bag Raiders: Great package. Big Joyce fan!!!

Rampa: New in town for prof dr med rampa. Clap Clap.

Coat of Arms: Love Morning Love, So Good & Back Down, Will Be Playing. Joyce Is On Fire As Always, Someone Get The Ice Bucket xxx