::Joyce Muniz – Please Break My Heart::

Artist: Joyce Muniz
Title: Please Break My Heart
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 19.08.2013

Since Joyce Muniz’s “Trust Your Enemies” Single came out in March – she’s remixed Maya Jane Coles’ “Burning Bright feat. Kim Ann Foxman”, Tosca’s “Ende Mai”, Claptone’s “Maximum”, Blaze’s “Lovely Dae”, Stereo MC’s “Sunny Day”, Munk’s “Mis Labios”, Robert Owens & Jet Project’s “Say The Word”, Amp Fiddler’s “When The Morning Comes” among others and her cuts have been snapped up for numerous DJ mixes and best-of-summer comps. Joyce has also produced the entire album “What A Comeback!” of Europe’s one and only crooner Louie Austen.
Now Brazilian-raised, Vienna-based producer returns on Exploited with her tightest, deepest house yet: “Please Break My Heart feat. Dave”.

The original version has a more pop-orientated vibe while the Deep Underground Mix is for all the Headz & real Discjocks out there. Includes 2 DJ-friendly bonus cuts: “El Paseo” and “Its Your Life”.

Artwork Photoshoot by Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek.


Maya Jane Coles: “It’s Your Life” is my favourite one. Will play this one for sure.
Laurent Garnier: Lovely Deepness.
Chopstick: The dub is pure deepness and Its Your Life is wicked as well!
Maxxi Soundsystem: El Paseo is my favorite on first listen. Yum.
Tiefschwarz: Great package. Original is my fav.
Tensnake: My favorite is El Paseo.
Round Table Knights: El Paseeoooo. Dope!
Tom Budden: It’s Your Life for me here!
El Txef A: Original of Please Break My Heart is fucking sexy.
Edu K: Wow. Joyce is a force of nature. This is amazing music! I’m totally in love with El Paseo.
Khan: Deep and sexy. Me like!
Till Von Sein: Me Likee El Paseo and It’s Your Life. Cool!
Claptone: It’s Your Life is a Killer.
Zombie Disco Squad: Lovely tracks from a lovely gal!
Wildkats: Nice EP:)
Sasha: Remix is cool.
Telonius: Good one.
Stefano Ritteri: LOVE for my sister Joyce. I like all the tracks. El Paseo is my favorite.
Flashmob: Will try.
Mathias Schaffhauser: Der Titeltrack und der Remis davon sind cooler Clubstuff. Werde ich spielen. Besten Dank!
Dirty Doering: It’s Your Life!!
Copy Paste Soul: Really feeling this. Fresh vibes. Full support.
Animal Trainer. Whoop. This is gonna rock the floor.
Kyodai: Wow. Finally out! Great EP. All hits here. ‘It’s yo
Pete Herbert: Liking the original the most. Nice delivery!
Magit Cacoon: Dope EP!
Betoko: Love it!
M.in: Wie immer gut!
Rhadow: Please Break My Heart sounds wicked. Thank you!
Tom Flynn: Cool deep shit!
Robert Owens: Cool track.
Tim Paris: Its Your Life is great!
Djuma Soundsystem: Its Your Life is tight!
Justin Jay: Great EP! Its Your Life and Please Break My Heart are my favorites!
Munk: Please Break My Heart is nice. Love the synth flute and chord progression. Great Joyce!
Huxley: Is there a dub of It’s Your Life? Would love that! Still a cool tune though.:)
Mike Monday: Its Your Life is the shit.