::Joyce Muniz – Microdosing::

Artist: Joyce Muniz
Title: Microdosing
Format: Digital
LC: 48629
Cat: EXP69
Release date: 08.11.2019

The cutting edge sound of Viennese/Berlin electronica is here! Joyce Muniz is back to tear up your local dancefloor with another two carefully honed grooves, this time pushing herself in perhaps her most techno-focused direction yet.

Rolling tech-leaning percussive provides the backbone of ‘Microdosing’ along with throbbing monotone bass grunts. Subtle melodics work their way into the mix along with stuttered vocals and metallic textures, the snarling, menacing lead arpeggio that is the track’s calling card gradually bubbling to the surface. Muniz’s uncluttered, succinct arrangement lets the track breathe beautifully, with the psychedelic undertones left to subtly permeate just as a microdose of LSD might. An entrancing journey into the psychedelic experience, but not a full trip.

‘Try Me’ ups the intensity with its moment of drama and mind-bending atonal riffs. A stomping beat is laced with a pitch-bending, warped machine groove and chunky bass rumbles away incessantly as the track builds. The dark groove is made wonkier still with an arpeggiated riff whose hollow tone recalls Hot Butter’s infectious ‘Popcorn’, and sensual vocal thrusts add yet more drama. A tense breakdown goes darker still as the vocal unfolds with a little classic house flavour.

Time and time again Muniz has proved herself to be both a masterful musician and highly qualified architect of dancefloor gold. With such an array of styles under her belt, this new release makes for yet another sonic reinvention.

Early Feedback:
Duski: Microdosing is dope.
DJ Mag France: Great balance between jacking house and minimal acid techno.
Agoria: Merci.
Alinka: Queen.
Sasha: Chunky stuff.
Ralf Kollmann: Excellent stuff! Wish I’d get demos like this!
Tone Of Arc: With the dopeness.
Christian Nielsen: Dope.
Stefan Braatz: Support. Love all tracks!