::Joyce Muniz – Machine Talk::

Artist: Joyce Muniz
Title: Machine Talk
Format: Digital
LC: 15799
Release date: 25.03.2022

Early feedback by Terr, Maceo Plex, Panthera Krause, Fabrizio Mammarella, Digitalism, Super Flu, Damon Jee, Emerald Rose Lewis, Danny Howard/BBC Radio 1, Joris Biesmans, Anja Schneider…

BBC Radio 1 Danny Howard Premiere:

Brazilian producer Joyce Muniz continues her electro fascination on her new release for Exploited, serving up two slick dancefloor monsters that are both full of her inimitable energy and charisma.

‘Machine Talk’ is electro with a lightness of touch, the lead arpeggio perfectly tuned and EQed to be naggingly infectious without being overbearing. Propelling the track forward, it’s supported by deft, spacious percussion and some nice moments of melodic friction. The breakdown brings on a dreamy feel with thick delays and glistening chime hits, a haunting melody woven deep into the mix as the track progresses. Well-deployed FX hits punctuate just when needed, and each element feels perfectly placed in the mix.

‘Liberdade’ (which means ‘Freedom’ in portuguese) was the first song written after lockdown when Joyce was able to play for an audience again. This one is a more intense beast, with acidic bubbling teasing in the distance as thumping kicks and snares trade blows. A menacing bassline snarl stutters and pulses with sinister intent as a variety of percussive loops form an unusual rhythmic groove. More cowbell! The bassline also hints at resonant acidic squelchiness, lashing out like a scorpion’s tail as breathy vocals and electric guitar hits further enhance the groove. The heady breakdown lets swirling pads soar around the vocals, allowing for a potent drop when everything kicks back in.

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